7 compelling reasons to study in the UK

Leeds ISC students in the city

Discovering the world through education can be a life-changing experience. Choosing to study in the UK allows you to explore new cultures, make new friends and experience a long history of high-quality academia.

7 reasons to study in the UK

The UK stands out as a great choice for international students due to its high-quality education and multicultural cities. The UK offers many opportunities to enrich your educational journey.

1. Academic excellence

The UK is renowned for its top-quality education system and is home to some of the highest-ranking universities in the world. By studying in the UK, you will be immersing yourself in a long history of first-class academia.

Consistently climbing the rankings is Leeds Beckett University, an excellent choice for international students. In the latest 2024 rankings, Leeds Beckett has secured an impressive fifth position among the ten Yorkshire universities listed (Complete University Guide 2024). This is the result of their dedication to providing quality education and improving students' prospects year after year.

2. Choose from a variety of courses

UK universities offer a wide range of subject options to choose from. No matter what your area of interest, it is likely you will find a degree focused on it in the UK. This allows you to combine your interests with your education, making for a more enjoyable and exciting learning experience.

3. Experience a unique culture

By studying in the UK, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a multicultural environment and connect with people from various backgrounds. These experiences will broaden your global perspective in an increasingly interconnected world.

The UK is home to many cultural events and festivals, these take place across the entire year and create wonderfully vibrant environments that celebrate the multicultural nature of the country.

4. Develop your language skills

During your study, you will have dedicated modules designed to improve your English language skills. These modules will improve your ability to read, write and speak the language.

You will also naturally improve your English skills through everyday activities such as talking with fellow students, ordering food at restaurants and attending campus events.

Having excellent English language skills is important when applying for jobs after you graduate. Proficiency in English is a skill that many organisations actively look for in candidates, as the language is used around the globe.

5. Work while you study

One of the biggest benefits of studying in the UK is the ability to not only gain a world-class education but also the chance to work part-time during your studies. To do so, you must be enrolled on a full-time course and you cannot work more than 20 hours a week. *

The opportunity to work while you study is invaluable when it comes to gaining experience and making yourself a standout candidate in the graduate job market. Employers highly value work experience.

6. Proximity to other cities

The UK has excellent transportation links, making it easy to explore and experience various cities during your time as a student. Leeds is one of the UK’s biggest cities and is just over two hours away from London. Its national transport links make it extremely easy to visit anywhere in the UK.

Students can take advantage of weekends and holidays to travel and see more of what the UK has to offer.

7. Join a diverse international student community

Studying in the UK means becoming part of a diverse and inclusive international community. In the past decade, Leeds International Study Centre has seen students from an impressive 95 different countries.

By experiencing a multicultural environment, you will be interacting with people from different backgrounds and broadening your global perspective. This exposure to diversity allows you to enhance your intercultural competence and foster lifelong connections and friendships.

Study abroad at Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University is an excellent choice for international students. Known for its commitment to academic excellence, the University ranked 16th in the UK for Student Life in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2023. Highlighting the exceptional experience students can expect, Leeds Beckett University boasts a supportive community with high student satisfaction.

Reflecting its dedication to preparing students for successful graduate careers, the University received five stars for employability and teaching in the QS Stars University Ratings 2023. The University has a strong focus on employability and helps students with career guidance, work placements and has very strong industry connections.

Leeds International Study Centre is the best place for international students to experience a seamless transition into UK university life. This is done through the pathway programmes which are expertly designed to boost academic knowledge and English language skills, giving international students everything they need to progress to their chosen degree at Leeds Beckett University.

Find out the entry requirements and fees for the pathway programmes at Leeds International Study Centre for progression to Leeds Beckett University.


What attracts international students to the UK?

There are many reasons why international students choose to study in the UK, such as high-quality education and graduate career opportunities. Some of the other reasons include:

  • Diverse range of courses
  • Multicultural environment
  • Learning a new language
  • Accessible travel

Is it expensive to study in the UK?

Studying in the UK can be considered expensive due to living costs and tuition fees, however, many cities are extremely student-friendly and offer discounts to those studying at university.

The high-quality education, exciting opportunities and potential career benefits make studying in the UK a valuable investment in your future.

Why is the UK a good place to study?

There are many benefits to studying abroad in the UK. These include:

  • Quality education and renowned universities
  • Global recognition and reputation of UK qualifications
  • Diverse range of courses across various disciplines
  • Strong emphasis on research and innovation
  • Multicultural experience with other students from around the world
  • Immersive English language environment
  • Rich history, culture and vibrant arts scene.

* Please refer to your own visa documents to confirm your eligibility to work part time whilst studying.