Why Study Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Hospitality and tourism management: an important career in a global world. 

For international students from diverse backgrounds, the decision to study abroad is significant. Making your mark on the world means picking the right course where you can excel.

But why study hospitality and tourism management?

Hospitality and tourism management offers a lot of promise in a sector that grows year on year. Skilled and trained graduates are highly valued and can receive a competitive salary.

The importance of tourism and hospitality cannot be overlooked. Global economies rely on travel and tourism not only to boost trade but to secure economic growth through a positive international reputation. The hospitality and tourism sector is an important cornerstone for any country that wants to showcase its culture, creativity and openness to the world.

What is hospitality and tourism management?

Hospitality and tourism management involves the management of services related to travel, accommodation, food, and entertainment. 

Why is hospitality important?

The importance of tourism and hospitality cannot be understated. Managers and staff in the travel sector are responsible for the tourist experience in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and other venues – whether they are high end and luxurious or family-friendly and cost-effective. Their job is to create a world-class customer experience without compromising on operational efficiency. A positive tourist experience will increase the area’s global standing and recognition as a must-visit destination.

Top reasons why you should study hospitality and tourism management

Diverse career opportunities

One of the top reasons students want to pursue a career in hospitality and tourism management is because of the vast array of different career paths it offers. From hotel management to event planning and from travel consultancy to leisure management, there is something to suit everyone. Each and every role in tourism is unique, and the nature of the work means that no two days are ever the same.

Graduates can choose to work in lots of different settings: hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and in event management. Working in hospitality and tourism often involves lots of time with people from diverse cultures, making it a great choice for those who enjoy socialising and helping others. 

Global industry

Hospitality and tourism management is a truly global discipline. By preparing students to work in a multicultural environment, students have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and international business practices. This not only contributes to professional growth, but gives graduates a competitive edge, whichever way their career takes them.

Creativity and innovation

Hospitality and tourism management is an ever-changing and dynamic industry with plenty of opportunity to be creative. Curating happy and memorable holiday experiences makes a job in hospitality and tourism very rewarding. And innovative! You could be designing new travel apps, creating inspired menus, or curating unique guest experiences.

Customer success and service skills

If you are a people person, then a career in hospitality and tourism management is for you. This industry is perfect for those who excel in communication and enjoy making others feel welcome and valued. It’s not just about dealing with customers; but also about creating memories that last a lifetime.

Become a leader

Are you interested in running your own business one day? Hospitality and tourism management is a brilliant training ground to learn and refine your skills in leadership, communication, problem-solving, and customer service. By working in this sector you not only learn how to manage businesses but also how to identify and activate new market opportunities.

Study hospitality and tourism management at Leeds Beckett University

Why choose Leeds Beckett University for your hospitality and tourism management studies?

Leeds Beckett University is a leader in Hospitality and Leisure Management, with impressive credentials, high employability ratings and a large alumni network. 

  • Awarded five out of five stars for Hospitality & Leisure Management in the QS Stars University Ratings 2024
  • Ranked in the top 10 for Tourism, Transport, Travel & Heritage Studies (The Complete University Guide 2025)
  • Ranked in the top 100 global ranking for the Hospitality and Leisure Management (QS World rankings by subject 2024)
  • Five stars for employability in the QS Stars University Ratings 2024
  • A vast alumni network spread across 153 countries
  • 91% of graduates from Leeds Beckett University were in work or further study within 15 months of graduation (Percentage of respondents, HESA Graduate outcomes 20-21)

Leeds International Study Centre for progression to Leeds Beckett University

Studying at Leeds Beckett University opens up a world of opportunities and a whole realm of new experiences in a truly exciting, modern and diverse British city.


Leeds International Study Centre offers international students an exciting pathway to study at the University as they boost their language skills and prepare academically, socially and culturally for life at university.

You can choose the pathway programme that suits you:

International Foundation Year

The International Foundation Year programme helps international students improve their language skills and choose an academic pathway for the following year. Giving you a gentle start to an exciting university experience.

International Year One

The International Year One programme not only helps you to improve your English language but also provides the academic skills through subject specific modules and extra support to ensure you’re well prepared to transition to the UK education system. Once you have completed this programme and achieved the required grades, you can join the second year of your undergraduate degree at Leeds Beckett University.

Entry requirements

Leeds International Study Centre for progression to Leeds Beckett University will help you meet the qualifications needed to enter the university at either year one, or year two of your chosen degree.

Learn more about the entry requirements.


There are a few different aspects to consider when thinking about studying in the UK.

Find out more about what you can expect in terms of tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and the cost of living in Leeds.

Visa Information

International students need a visa to study in the UK. Learn more about applying for your visa.


Is tourism and hospitality a good career?

Yes, why is hospitality important? Because tourism and hospitality offer not only diverse career opportunities but also a chance to grow in a sector that rewards passion and dedication. Tourism is an ever-expanding sector with rewarding career prospects.

How to study tourism management?

Starting your journey in hospitality and tourism management at Leeds Beckett University begins with choosing the right programme. With the International Year One or the International Foundation year you will be off to a great start to prepare you for university, and your global career.

What is the scope of hospitality and tourism management?

The scope of what is hospitality and tourism management is vast, covering sectors like hotels, restaurants, event planning, and more. Career development and personal growth are an essential part of this global degree, making it a popular choice for students who want a dynamic and interesting working life.

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