Why study sociology?

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Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social behaviour. It explores the intricacies of how individuals and groups interact, the structures and institutions shaping our lives and the impact of social interactions on our thoughts, actions and relationships.

5 benefits of studying sociology

Studying sociology is an excellent choice for those who want to better understand the world and have a positive effect on society. The importance of sociology comes from its ability to provide valuable insights on societal functioning, social justice and how humans interact with each other.

Gain a broad skillset

The study of sociology cultivates critical thinking, research skills and effective communication – abilities highly sought after by employers. Whether you want to work in government, healthcare, education, or any other field, a background in sociology empowers you to make informed decisions, tackle problems, and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Sociology helps in planning and development

Sociology acts as a guiding compass for planning and building better communities and societies. By studying sociology, you gain insights into how people interact, their values, and the challenges they encounter. This knowledge is vital for governments, businesses, and organisations when making decisions regarding policies, projects, and services. It enables them to craft solutions that align more closely with the needs of society.

Develop critical and imaginative thinking skills

Sociology encourages a profound and creative examination of the world. It trains you to question assumptions, delve beneath the surface, and consider alternative perspectives. This capacity for critical and imaginative thinking not only benefits your pursuit of sociology but also enhances your everyday life. It equips you with the skills needed to make sound decisions, solve complex problems, and see the bigger picture.

A better understanding of humankind

Through sociology you delve into subjects like culture and social norms. This understanding promotes empathy and tolerance, fostering open-mindedness and an awareness of the diverse world we inhabit. It helps bridge gaps between individuals and cultures.

Sociology is essential in the solution of international problems

Sociology exceeds local issues; it serves as an instrument for addressing global challenges. The study of sociology enables you to unearth the root causes of worldwide problems, including poverty, inequality, migration, and conflict. Armed with this knowledge, governments and international organisations can devise more effective policies and foster cooperation among nations.

Sociology plays a pivotal role in making the world a better place by offering insights into complex global issues and suggesting viable solutions.

Study sociology at Leeds Beckett University

If you are considering pursuing a sociology degree, Leeds Beckett University offers a reputable programme with a diverse curriculum, experienced faculty, research opportunities, industry connections and a vibrant student community. The University provides students with a comprehensive education and strong prospects for future careers in the field.

Renowned for its commitment to offering an exceptional student experience, the university ranked 16th in the UK for Student Life in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2023 based on authentic student reviews. This recognition highlights the University's dedication to creating a supportive and engaging learning atmosphere.

Leeds Beckett's School of Humanities and Social Sciences provides a supportive environment for sociology students. With experienced faculty committed to delivering high-quality education, and the university's central location in the vibrant city of Leeds, students gain access to a dynamic and culturally rich setting that enriches their overall learning experience.

As an international student, you can begin your educational journey at the Leeds International Study Centre for progression to Leeds Beckett University. Here you will find pathway programmes designed specifically to boost your English language and academic skills to the required level for university study.

The International Foundation Year in Business, Law, and Social Studies is an excellent programme to begin your sociology study. During the programme you will receive support with the English language and academic skills essential for your success in both your undergraduate degree and your future career once you graduate.

You will study a combination of core and subject-specific modules tailored to equip you with the skills most relevant to the sociology degree you want to study.

Upon successful completion of this programme, you can progress to Sociology BA (Hons), Sociology & Psychological Studies BA (Hons) or Sociology and Criminology BA (Hons). These flexible progression pathways cater to diverse interests and career aspirations, ensuring that your education aligns with your specific goals.

Discover the fees, entry requirements and how you can apply for a pathway programme at Leeds International Study Centre for progression to Leeds Beckett University.


Is Sociology a useful degree?

The benefit of a sociology degree is that it allows you to gain versatile skills, an understanding of human behaviour, research and data analysis abilities, cultural competence, and a focus on social change and advocacy. 

What skills does sociology give you?

The skills gained through studying sociology include critical thinking, research and data analysis, communication, cultural competence, social analysis, problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork, and ethical awareness. 

What careers are there for sociology?

Here are some common careers for sociology graduates:  

  • Social work  
  • Policy analysis and advocacy  
  • Human resources  
  • Market research and data analysis  
  • Community development  
  • Education  
  • Non-profit and NGO sector  
  • Research and academia.