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Yorkshire words and phrases

Students reading book in cafe

As a student in Leeds you will get to talk to many different people who were born, and grew up in, Leeds and Yorkshire. Yorkshire has its own distinctive accent and dialect. People in the area also use unique words, phrases and expressions that you may not hear in other parts of the UK. These words are sometimes called 'slang words'.

If you go into a shop to buy something, jump on a bus to ask the driver for directions, or simply speak to a person you haven't met before, they may say hello to you by calling you 'duck', 'cock' or 'love'. These are friendly terms strangers sometimes use, so you shouldn't be offended.

Here's our A to Z of some of the other popular and interesting words you may hear in Leeds, and what they mean:

  • Allus – Always
  • Aye – yes
  • Bap – bread bun
  • Bairn – child
  • Brass – money
  • Brew – cup of tea
  • Butty – sandwich
  • Dinner – lunch
  • Faffing – wasting time
  • Jammy – lucky
  • Lass – girl
  • Mardy – moody
  • Nowt – nothing
  • Parky – cold 
  • Scran – food
  • Summat – something
  • Ta – thanks
  • Tarra – goodbye
  • Tea – dinner
  • Teacake – bread roll